You struggle every day for a sense of peace.

Counseling can help you find your center again.

Holistic Counseling for Anxiety in Denver, CO


The stress of life feels overwhelming.

Anxiety is limiting you from living to your full potential, but you truly don’t know what to do next.

Real, authentic connection is what you want but anxiety has been sabotaging your relationships as well.

You’ve tried to manage the feelings, but none of your old ways of coping seem to work.

Fed up with feeling perpetually stuck, you’re ready to do whatever is necessary to feel like yourself again.

Nothing you’ve tried seems to help…

You’ve tried mindfulness and read self-help books, but your mind continues to spin.

You’re willing to work on yourself, but the more you try to fight the anxious thoughts the more powerful they become. Now you are anxious about your anxiety, which makes it so much worse.

You don’t know if you can overcome it on your own.

You deserve more.

Counseling can help you to find your center again, so you can cultivate the life you desire.

It’s so important that you find the right counselor for you – someone with whom you can feel comfortable and safe.

That sense of safety opens up the possibility for tremendous change and healing.

Digging Beneath the Surface to Uncover Changes that Last

I take a holistic approach to therapy, acknowledging the complex interplay between body, mind and spirit.

So often our suffering may be caused by factors of which we are not fully aware.

I am always looking for the deeper, root causes, but also provide practical tools that can bring relief right away and provide support throughout your journey.

Reach out for the life you want.

You don’t deserve to live in a constant state of worry – you’re worth so much more.

Begin the journey to deep healing and lasting peace. Discover a personalized strategy that really works for you to manage your stress and pain and empower you along the way.

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