“The good life is a process, not a state
of being. It is a direction not a destination”

—Carl Rogers


Individual Psychotherapy

A transformative decision…

Good counseling will have a profound impact on many aspects of your life – regardless of what your specific goals are.

It can change your most intimate relationships for the better, increase your sense of purpose in your career, and definitely improve your relationship with yourself.

The counseling process is always collaborative.

As trust is built, I’ll become “your person”… the one who is there for you and for your goals… no matter what.

You are the expert on you. I am the expert on human psychology and transformation.

The process of change is not always easy, but you will always feel safe and seen with me.

What we’ll do…

Given my background and training, I utilize “talk therapy” primarily… but I have other tools in my toolbox to help you reach your unique goals. I use a variety of assessment tools, for example, and I’m highly experienced in working with anxiety, mood disorders, and trauma.

One of the most powerful processes I use regularly in my practice is “Brainspotting,” developed by David Grand, PhD. “Brainspotting” accesses the deep brain and body to reprocess traumatic memories and/or beliefs, which can keep us feeling stuck for years.


What is coaching and how is it different from counseling?

Because I take a wellness approach in my therapy practice, coaching is not that much different from counseling. The two overlap a great deal.

Generally, coaching tends to be more future-oriented, goal-directed, and brief than counseling.

Not living up to your potential?

Then coaching is a great option for you!

Sometimes, we just need help mapping out what the future could look like for us. If we don’t have a clear picture of achieving what we want, then it can seem impossible – but it doesn’t have to be.

Break the cycle of wishing, hoping, and imagining that you were living the life you’ve always wanted. Learn how to get out there and start living it.

At its core, coaching is a creative process.

And it’s about creating the future you desire.

Coaching is often focused on vocation and can include vocational assessments to determine aptitude and interests.

However, coaching can be more holistic and include up-leveling your overall lifestyle.

Mindfulness Workshops

What does mindfulness mean, anyway?

Mindfulness has become such a buzz-word in our culture these days, but what does it really mean?

The term may conjure up images of yogis sitting on meditation cushions for hours chanting “ooommm,” which likely feels like an impossible practice for many of us to implement into our day-to-day lives.

The temptation then is to think that mindfulness has nothing to offer us… to abandon the concept altogether.

Mindfulness is about awareness.

While I personally enjoy yoga and do meditate with some regularity, I am here to tell you that there is so much more to mindfulness.

At its core, mindfulness is about awareness, being present to our lives in a more complete way.

Mindfulness sessions tailored to you…

I offer mindfulness workshops in a variety of settings and structures, from one-day seminars to six-week groups.

If you are interested in providing a workshop for your employees or even a group of friends, I can customize an experience for your unique group.

Change isn’t easy… but you don’t have to do it alone.

Transformation can be yours. Call me today and let’s get started: (512) 630-8503.

I’m ready to help you embrace and achieve the goals you want for your life.