About Therapy

A counselor who “gets you”…

When looking for a therapist, there is nothing more important than finding someone with whom you feel truly comfortable.

You are taking a huge step in your life by reaching out to process deep and intimate struggles, and it is absolutely necessary that you sit across from someone who “gets you” in a real way.

My clients consistently report feeling seen and validated throughout the counseling process.

A safe space…

If anything, my office is a “judgment-free zone,” which can be a reprieve from the stressors and pressures of everyday life.

It is a space where you can let it all out and gain clarity and deeper self-understanding while also experiencing genuine connection.

We all need a totally safe person in our lives. This sense of safety becomes the foundation for healing and change.

A personalized, integrative approach…

I am constantly learning more about the human mind, body and soul and how they relate to one another and impact our sense of well-being and ability to fulfill our potential. That being said, I take a very integrative approach which allows me to be highly personalized. 

Sure, we will talk a lot about your thoughts and feelings, but we may also speak about your lifestyle, how you’re sleeping or eating, and what impact that may be having on your emotions.

You are a complex and integrated mind, body, and soul – and you will experience change much more quickly when you have a counselor who is able to view change holistically.

Probing beyond our conscious awareness…

Through my work, I have also found that so often our psychological suffering is actually rooted in trauma and unhealthy beliefs, which are beyond our conscious awareness. It can cause even more frustration and pain when we do not fully understand why we feel or behave in the ways we do. 

I utilize a variety of evidenced-based modalities to heal those deeper wounds, leading to lasting transformation.

I enjoy working with a variety of individuals, but I specialize in helping clients suffering from anxiety and past trauma to find peace. I also work with couples seeking deeper intimacy and passion, and men and women struggling with identity issues.

About Me

I believe deeply in the goodness, dignity, and resiliency of the human spirit.

I am always inspired by the growth I see in my clients, even as they navigate some of the more difficult seasons in life.

I consider it a profound honor to journey with others through grief and joy, times of brokenness, and times of healing.

I have always been passionate about human transformation and continue to be on my own journey. My personal counseling has served to propel me forward in life and growth a number of times, which is part of what led me to pursue this career.

A unique and varied background…

Working in the fields of education, yoga, physical fitness, and spiritual development have equipped me to approach my work from a truly holistic perspective.

I’m a passionate learner, and I voraciously study nutrition and lifestyle, psychology, and spirituality.

In my free time, I can usually be found with a book in hand or practicing yoga or martial arts.